When it comes to being an astronaut, NASA is pretty good at figuring out how to keep you safe

NASA has come under fire for its handling of the deadly space shuttle accident.

But the agency has found a way to do it without getting in the way of getting to work.

The space agency has developed an onboard safety system that lets astronauts on a mission stay fit during their long-duration stays aboard the International Space Station.

The technology, developed by the agency’s human spaceflight team, lets astronauts keep their muscles strong and in tip-top shape even while they are on their spaceflight missions.

The system is called the Lean-to-fit Fitness System, or LEFS.

The astronauts can choose to wear a protective vest or a helmet while they work out at a specially designed fitness center located inside the station’s cafeteria.

The astronauts are trained in a series of exercise routines and then allowed to walk around the station to see how they feel and how well they are doing.

After the workouts, they can return to the cafeteria, where they will get their meals and rest.

But this time, instead of getting their meals in advance, they are allowed to take a break while they prepare their meals.

The team at NASA developed the system so that astronauts can work in groups of three or four and stay fit while still in their spacesuits.

The LEFS system is designed to help astronauts maintain muscle strength during their missions to the space station.

And, it’s been used to keep astronauts from getting injured during their extended stays aboard.

In fact, NASA astronauts have spent nearly six months on a training mission with the LEFS equipment.

The new system also has several other advantages over other safety systems currently in use by NASA, such as breath control and oxygen masks.

It also offers a more flexible design to fit in with astronauts’ work spaces.

NASA’s space program is not the only agency working on ways to keep people healthy during their space flights.

A variety of companies are also trying to improve the health of the astronauts in their homes.

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