What to do if your car is old, but it’s still driving you?

The Canadian Auto Repair Association is urging car owners to take a few precautions to make sure their vehicles are up to code.

The association says it is aware of at least four cases of cars that were running in good condition in the past week and are still driving.

But, the association says, it’s not the same as a bad day for the car and owners should take the time to inspect the car before they drive it.

The Association says the most important thing is to drive your car properly and follow all safety guidelines.

In a statement, the Association said: “We’re not sure what’s happening, but we know that there are a few cars that have been in this situation before.”

“We’d like to reassure our members that the vehicles in question are not considered to be unsafe, so we’d like them to be vigilant and follow these instructions.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.”

There are safety precautions that can be taken, like not leaving your keys in the ignition.

“The association is asking owners to call its customer service line at 1-877-327-3667 if they’re concerned about a potential unsafe condition in their car.

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