‘We’re gonna lose this thing’: Ford to shutter new Classic Car show, move Classic Cars to Mexico

“We are moving the Classic Car Show to Mexico,” said Carlos Diaz, Ford’s vice president for North America operations, adding that the show would be shuttered and the production line would be relocated.

Ford had planned to open the show in 2019.

The show’s first show, held in September 2017, drew more than 1.4 million people, according to Ford.

Ford is trying to rebuild its Classic Cars brand and has announced plans to open another show in 2021.

Ford’s Classic Car brand is a hybrid of the Ford Fiesta and the Mercury Cougar, which are both produced by General Motors.

In 2017, Ford sold the Fiesta to China’s Huayi Automobile Group, a division of state-owned China Automobile.

The car company plans to make another batch of the Fiesta in 2019 and sell it to the U.S. market.

Ford will also introduce a Ford F-150 pickup truck and a Ford Fusion SUV in 2019, the company said.

The Classic Car Festival, which took place in 2018, was one of the first major car shows to focus on luxury cars, which attracted more than 60,000 attendees, according a Ford statement.

The festival’s 2018 lineup featured the Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Lincoln MKZ, Mazda MX-5 and the Cadillac Escalade, among others.

Ford has also opened the 2018 Classic Car Expo in Orlando, Fla., which will host the festival this year.