Trump administration to roll back ACA requirements for primary care doctor

The Trump administration will roll back a requirement that all primary care doctors be certified by an accreditation board, an Axios investigation has found.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General found in its investigation that a waiver to the ACA requirement to certify primary care physicians had not been completed.

The waiver to establish accreditation requirements was issued on April 16, 2017, by the Office of Management and Budget.

However, the waiver has not been fully implemented, according to the Inspector Generals office.

The inspector general found that primary care providers who were not certified by the accreditation group had an “exceedingly low” percentage of primary care students in their primary care practices.

In an April 25, 2017 report, the Office wrote that the waiver was “invalidated in the most basic and important way.”

“We determined that the Secretary’s decision was invalid because of the inadequate training of certified primary care practitioners,” the report said.

“We also determined that Secretary Johnson’s waiver was ineffective because the Secretary did not provide sufficient training to primary care practice leaders and, thus, lacked the training required to effectively implement the waiver.”

The inspector’s report also found that the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division did not require certified primary health care physicians to be certified.

“The Secretary’s waiver failed to meet the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Affordable Care Act for primary health and human services workers,” the inspector’s letter said.

The department also found no evidence of any changes to the standards of care or practices in a primary care physician training program.

The Trump administration had said that it would roll back the ACA’s primary care requirements in the future.

The department has also said that the ACA requires primary care teachers to have an accrediting group to certify them.