Top 10 car companies in 2020

Google has released its full year 2020 report, revealing the top 10 car brands.

The company has already announced that the number of vehicles in the world will be over 1 billion by 2025, with a target of reaching 5 billion by 2030.

In the car market, there are a lot of players, but some of them have already left the market.

The list below shows the top car companies of the year 2020.10.

Renault-Nissan (Renault)Source Google News: (Reuters: Gao Xinyu)10.

Porsche (Porsche)Source Reuters: 9.

Tesla (Tesla)Source AFP: 10.

Ford (Ford)Source Getty Images: 11.

BMW (BMW)Source 12.

Audi (Audi)Source EPA: 13.

Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes)Source AP: 14.

Volvo (Volvo)Source 15.

Volkswagen (Volkswagen)Source Bloomberg: 16.

Honda (Honda)Source Associated Press: 17.

BMW (BMW)’s (BMWs)Source CNN: 18.

Lexus (Lexus)Source CBS News: 19.

Ford (Ford)Sources AP: 20.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)Source News Corporation: 21.

Toyota (Toyota)Source Volkswagen: 22.

Volvo (Volvo V60)Source NBC News: 23.

Mercedes (Merced)Source US News:

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