The latest Tesla Model S sedan review

Tesla Model 3 buyers are going to have to get used to it when it comes to air travel.

It’s not going to be an issue.

The automaker announced on Monday that it is adding a new service, Model 3 Air, which allows users to rent a new Tesla Model Model 3 from the airport.

Air is available starting from $1,200 per person and will start to become available in some cities in 2019.

It is a fully electric vehicle that can be driven on public roads for $35,000 per year, and is currently available only in select cities in the United States.

The new service is expected to be available in major cities in 2018.

Tesla’s service will be available through all of the following airports in the U.S.

A Tesla Model X SUV is seen parked at the Tesla Motors Gigafactory, in Fremont, California, U.K., January 17, 2020.

Tesla is expected continue to expand its service offerings, with Model 3s expected to become an increasingly popular option for consumers.