How to get bluetooth car audio into your car

A new Bluetooth car adapter is getting a lot of buzz for its ability to pair with cars via the Bluetooth Low Energy standard.

According to a blog post from car tech company bluetooth, the new device can pair with a car that has the Bluetooth LE standard and can be used to connect to the car’s infotainment system and control devices.

The company says it will launch a series of products in the near future.

The device will be a Bluetooth Low End (BLE) audio adapter and will support Bluetooth LE and the latest version of the Android smartphone operating system.

That means you’ll be able to pair your car to your smartphone and access Bluetooth and infotent system, and connect to your connected Bluetooth car.

The new device will also be compatible with the new Google Home smart speaker and smart car.

This is a huge win for automakers and the Bluetooth industry, which relies heavily on the car audio ecosystem to deliver on its promise to connect cars with users.

However, the product is not compatible with all Android phones and the company has been mum on when the next versions of Android will support the Bluetooth Audio technology.

The Bluetooth audio adapter was announced in February, but there hasn’t been any news on when it will become available.

We reached out to bluetooth for more information on the product and will update if we hear back.