How to avoid getting caught up in the airport car hire frenzy

Posted November 06, 2018 09:25:49 A new study by the Australian Council of Social Service and the Australian Institute of Family Studies found people are increasingly being caught up by the airport parking lot frenzy, despite a recent ban.

Key points: The study found the airport was becoming a hotbed of activity and people were increasingly looking for new places to park The study also found some people were avoiding getting caught in the rush The study, published in the Australian Journal of Public Health, found more than half of the participants surveyed reported they would be willing to park for free if they could find a new place to park.

The study was conducted in the lead-up to the start of the Easter holiday.

The survey, which surveyed 612 people, found most people were willing to pay for a new spot to park in the airports, with the average amount being $40 for a two-bedroom home.

In some cases, the survey found people were able to park on a first-come, first-served basis.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s an increase in people who have a personal interest in parking on the airport,” Dr Lisa Brown, chief executive of the Council of Australian Social Service (CAOSS), told the ABC.

“We think it’s going to become an increasingly popular activity.”

Dr Brown said she and her colleagues were concerned about the airport as people were looking for parking places to save money.

“When people park they don’t pay for it.

They just get in the car and drive off,” she said.

Dr Brown also said many people had been asked to pay extra for parking at the airport and it was difficult to know how much was being spent.

“It’s hard to tell how much is being spent on parking, because there’s no record of where it’s being spent,” she explained.

“And so, it’s hard for us to know what’s being done.”

Dr Smith said the research showed people were more likely to park at the airports if they were looking to save on fuel or rent a car.

“Some people may be looking for an extra space and if they can find a way to save a bit of money they might get on board,” she told the BBC.

“Others may just want a new car and might just be willing for the convenience of having a car in the office.”

Dr Jones said the study did not provide a clear picture of how many people were doing the right thing.

“If you’re in the market for a car, you should definitely ask yourself, ‘Are there some things I should do that will save me some money?’,” she advised.

“People are getting used to it.”

The study has been released ahead of Easter weekend, and is available on the Aged Care Institute’s website.