Emergency room patient in critical condition, doctors say as Florida hospital opens in new area

A Florida man who died after falling from the roof of his Orlando home has been identified as Joshua A. Martin, 36.

Martin’s wife said he had been in critical care after he fell from the top of the house.

“We don’t know why,” the wife said, describing the family as “devastated.”

“We have a daughter who is in critical and we have a son, and we just don’t understand what happened,” the woman said.

“I’m just really devastated that he died.”

Martin’s family told The Associated Press on Monday that he had just been admitted to a trauma center.

They said he was in critical but stable condition and they were awaiting an update on his condition.

The hospital said the family was being flown to another hospital.

The hospital in the Florida city of Kissimmee opened in a new part of the city, a little more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) from the old one.

It has a new floor, better equipment and new beds.

Orlando Fire Chief Steve Stengel said the hospital was working with city officials to get residents on board.

“This was a real tough call for us,” Stengels said.

There are about 3,400 beds at the new facility, and the city is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to set up a staging area, which is where a helicopter is scheduled to land.

The city’s mayor, Joe Riley, said he hoped the new hospital would help the city’s population in a time of need.

“It’s a big community, it’s a community that’s got a lot of pain and it’s going to take time,” Riley said.

“We just don�t know why it happened.

We have a child that�s in critical, and he’s in critical,” the mayor added.

Officials at the hospital said they were monitoring Martin’s condition.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said the cause of death was unknown.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine whether Martin had a heart attack or died from other causes, said Dr. Richard Johnson, medical director of emergency medicine at the Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Dr. John Schubert, a medical examiner at the county medical examiner’s office, said there were no signs of trauma or internal injuries.

St. Johns Medical Center has been using the new building since the hospital opened in 2010.

It has about 200 beds and a large, open lobby, with a full-time nurse and two full-service trauma physicians.

The trauma room has a full capacity of about 90 patients.

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