Airbnb’s new app lets you rent out your apartment with a friend

Airbnb has launched its new app, Avis Car Rentals, which lets users rent out their apartments to other users, including friends.

The new feature was created by Avis, which also developed a similar app called Avis Home and was acquired by Airbnb in January 2016.

The Avis app allows users to rent out rooms or apartments and pay an hourly rate.

Avis has not announced an end date for the new app.

The app’s first app update will roll out to the iOS and Android app stores on Thursday.

The Airbnb app has a free app with a few paid plans.

Airbnb previously offered the ability to rent or purchase a property for an amount that was determined by the property owner.

The property owner could choose to buy the property, rent it out or sell it to a third party.

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