A car drawing from the internet: How it came to be and how it is used now

A car has been found in a car park in Liverpool, and an internet drawing of it has been used as a clue to find its owner.

The car was discovered on Friday after a man noticed a missing car in his driveway.

He took a picture of the car and posted it on the internet and then received a message saying it had been found, which prompted him to search the internet for more clues.

When the car was located, the owner said the car had been used to move food from a warehouse in the Liverpool area.

An internet drawing showing the car has now been used by the car’s owner to find out what happened to it and how he is going to fix the damage.

The internet drawing was made from a picture taken in a parking lot in Liverpool.

“The person who posted the picture was very keen to get a bit of help, so I had to do a bit more digging,” said Mr Gurney.

Mr Gurnay said he contacted police, who took the picture down, and that police were now trying to contact the owner of the drawing.

If you or anyone you know needs help please contact the Samaritans.


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